February 17, 2016

This week I fell in love! It was an unexpected love although I was sure it would happen. I just didn't know when. This Wednesday,

I received the best news possible, that my niece Mayla was born; the moment I saw her face I knew it was love.


It's so easy to get caught up...

October 13, 2015


Growing up, we faced lots of challenges. How to walk. How to talk.  How to make friends. How to fit in at new schools. How to be OK being different than others. Once we make it through the awkwardness of adolescence, many of us go to college either willingly or not, t...

August 11, 2015

Do you ever spend Monday dreaming of Friday? Or during 4th of July you start dreaming about Labor Day weekend? When one big event in our lives ends and we are already planning the next, we’re really looking to fill our basic need for security.


Not knowing is scary and...

April 16, 2015


Do you ever find yourself pretending to listen to someone even though you haven’t heard a word they’ve said? Or have you ever been halfway through your workout class when you suddenly wake up and wonder where your mind has been. Ever miss your train stop because you a...

March 13, 2015


Check out my first contribution to Quarterlette.com!



January 28, 2015

Pictured: Chakra Workshop at Bhakti Barn in Millbun, NJ...family, friends, and yoga :)



It’s so easy to trust that we are exactly where we are supposed to be when everything is going our way, like when you get to the subway and the train is just there, waiting for you....

January 27, 2015

Winter can be a tough time to get motivated, sometimes we get some form of seasonal depression or maybe we just want to sit on the couch and eat pasta ( or is that just me)?! It's easy to get out of balance, beat ourselves up and feel like spring will never come. This...

December 1, 2014


So much of our lives is spent living in the past. Reviewing what went wrong, beating ourselves up for past “mistakes” that we cannot change. And then there is the future…wishing we had what we “think” someone else has that makes them happy, thinking if I only get this...

November 8, 2014

Are you having trouble sleeping? Is it difficult to complete one task or focus on one thought at a time? Is it freaking you out that there are already holiday items in the stores!? Come flow with me and learn tips to stay balanced this season as we shift into the holid...

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