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Love In All Its Forms

This week I fell in love! It was an unexpected love although I was sure it would happen. I just didn't know when. This Wednesday,

I received the best news possible, that my niece Mayla was born; the moment I saw her face I knew it was love.

It's so easy to get caught up with the idea of love as it relates toromance and partnership. I do believe that we all deserve and have a

romantic love partner or partners out there, and that we meet them when both beings are ready. Then there is this in-between time when maybe we enter the wrong relationship for fear of being alone but learn great lessons, or

meet the right relationship for the moment that is not meant to last.

Or maybe it’s just the perfect time to be alone. Because we are never really alone.

There is so much love we can give ourselves that just lifts us up, with or without a partner. What's so beautiful, is that the more we love ourselves and manifest

the life that we want, the more love comes to us in all its forms. The

love of a family member (one you choose or one you’re born into), the

love of a best friend, the love of the person on the subway who made

space for you to sit down, the love of a beautifully sunny day, the love of a

favorite book or movie that inspires you, and on and on I could go...

So try not to get so caught up with what you don't have, and start

focusing on what you do. Before I met my niece five days ago,

I couldn’t even imagine this new kind of love. Her arrival has reminded me that every day is a new experience for love, joy and growth. We don't always know

when it's going to happen, but isn't that the beauty of unforced

feelings. The more we trust our path and take care of ourselves, the

more we can appreciate life's unexpected joy as well as move through

the not so joyful moments with more ease.

So remember, whether you’re currently partnered or not, you are love, you deserve love, you have love, just try and practice not getting attached to what you think it should look like. The more we detach ourselves from expectation, the more

happiness and love grows.

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